WRP Volunteers and Staff

Waste Reduction Partners is uniquely staffed with retired engineers, scientists, and staff who share their expertise with businesses and communities across North Carolina. As a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, and chemical engineers, scientists, and architects, they have had distinguished careers in a variety of industries, such as automotive, food, textile, utility, chemical, paper, construction, aerospace, electronics, and government. This remarkable group has more than 2,200 years of cumulative experience.

Reeder. John

Reeder. John

41 years,

Spent 36 years servicing and selling to industrial water treatment accounts. This involved taking care of  boilers, cooling towers, waste treatment systems, and closed loop cooling systems in industries such as power plants, paper mills, textile plants, food processing plants, and hospitals. Optimized water usage, as well as protect the systems from scale, corrosion, and biological growth.

B.A., Mathematics; University of North Texas, Denton, Tx

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