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Waste Reduction Partners

Do you need sound advice on ways to reduce your utility costs while meeting your sustainability goals? Our unique team of highly experienced, volunteer engineers and scientists can help you identify savings in the areas below.  Technical assistance is provided at no cost to our clients.



   Energy Efficiency

 Energy effiiency projects are the smartest, most cost-effective way to reduce your organization's environmental impact.

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water-redWater Efficiency

& Demand-side

Management Services

When public water supply systems approach capacity limits, both public and private sectors have important roles to play.

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Solid Waste Reduction

There are always opportunities for industries, businesses, institutions, and public facilities to reduce solid waste generation.

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Initiate a Project

WRP technical assistance is provided at no cost to our clients, funded by government-sponsored grants, contracts, and private contributions. North Carolina only.
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What's New

New WRP Releases New Energy-saving Fact Sheets
LED Lighting vs. Fluorescents Webinar - 2/17.     Webinar recording and additional info.
Lean & Green Reviews Offered
USDA Small Business Assessment Program- Rural small businesses and farms can request an energy efficiency assessment.

Our Team

marten_-_elaineWaste Reduction Partners is uniquely staffed with retired engineers, scientists, and staff who share their expertise with businesses and communities across North Carolina. More>

Businesses Gain Edge with USDA Energy Audits

WRP is offering a reduced-cost Energy Audit at qualifying rural small businesses.  Jim Clarke, Vice President of Manual Woodworkers and Weavers, states, “We found that the energy assessments we received from Waste Reduction Partners were extremely beneficial.”   More>

WRP Proudly Serves More Than 1,800 Clients

Waste Reduction Partners serves non-residential organizations in North Carolina including industries, businesses, institutions, non-profits and governmental entities. WRP engineers and scientists have helped over 1,800 clients save money through improved operational efficiency.  More>