Many industries have byproducts that can be utilized to create new products. The business and industrial professionals at Waste Reduction Partners can help you explore ideas to develop value-added processes for new products. Services are tailored to meet client needs.


Ash Waste to Products

A synergistic partnership between WRP members and minerals experts from academia completed a major development program.  Two high-volume former waste materials were processed into a family of useful products.

  • Coal ash and bio-solids are the raw materials used to generate value-added products. Robert Mensah-Biney, "An Integrated Separation Technology for Processing Coal Comsumption By-Products and Organic Bio-solids."  

  • An in-depth feasibility probe shows the commercial potential of the process.  Ken Butcher, "Integrated Coal Ash Processing Plant Business Feasibility Study. 

  • Cover story from "Ash at Work" magazine.

  • Fly ash is combined with other industrial byproducts for an outdoor product application.  Elaine Marten, "Stepping Stones from Waste Products."


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