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Assessors tagged with: Environmental permits and compliance

Bartlett, Paul

Bartlett, Paul

Work Experience:

41 years

Work History:

Mechanical and environmental engineer and Registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina (#030361) with experience in manufacturing, process industries, product development, and consulting for engineering and environmental, health and safety (EHS) companies. Has designed, installed, started up, and developed/submitted permits for air pollution control and wastewater pretreatment systems.

Has also managed business development efforts, client projects, and a regional staff of engineers, scientists, and test technicians for an ENR 200 firm. Last position before retiring was the design and administrative review and approval of stormwater permit applications in North Carolina's Express Permitting Program for coastal counties.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, N.C. State University; Boston University, courses in M.S. Administration Program.


Air and noise control, Environmental engineering, Environmental permits and compliance, Mechanical engineering, Process efficiencies, Water - wastewater treatment