Waste Reduction Partners: Profile


What is Waste Reduction Partners (WRP)?

Unique volunteer-based technical assistance program working in  partnership between NCDEACS and Land of Sky Council of Government. 

  • State supported technical assistance to businesses and institutions

  • One-on-one, on-site assistance to help businesses reduce utility and operating costs

  • Provides energy, waste and water-use efficiency assessments and reports to save client costs and reduce environmental impacts

  • Engages retired (stipended) volunteer engineers, scientists and industry professionals

  • True Collaborative Partnership: state staffing, Council of Government administered, grant funding and others

  • Operating since 1992, DEQ partnership since 2000

  • Waste Reduction Partners has yielded a 9-to-1 payback in client dollar savings to program investment dollar


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WRP Technical Team: Second to None

WRP utilizes a statewide field team of 40 mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, and chemical engineers, scientists, and architects with more than 2,300 years of experience.  These professionals share their advice and written cost/benefit assessments to help customers achieve environmental and utility cost saving goals.

Customer-Focused Direct Services

The program delivers on-site, one-on-one assistance in energy efficiency assessment, energy management, waste reduction audits, water conservation, strategic energy planning, sustainability programs and other special environmental projects.  All services are non-regulatory. WRP is committed to enhancing environmental quality and economic competitiveness by assisting businesses with innovative cost-saving strategies to improve energy and environmental management.

Partnerships Leveraged:

The Land of Sky Regional Council has partnered the state to house and administer the WRP regional office in Asheville. Office is cost-effectively operated and fully integrated in the Council of Government office. WRP Director (DEQ employee), supervises COG staff and interacts daily with other COG environmental initiatives.  WRP is a grant-supported organization with current or past funding from NCDEQ, USDA, EPA, State Energy Program, NCSU, City of Asheville, Cherokee Preservation Foundation, Progress Energy and others. WRP helps support the state's  pollution prevention outreach mission of the DEQ's Division of Environment Assistance and Customer Service.


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52-76 percent of WRP consulting recommendations are implemented.


Key Benefits of Waste Reduction Partners:

  • Addresses the economic sustainability of medium to small commercial/business operations that are least able to devote funds to surveying opportunities to reduce their utility operating costs.

  • WRP technical assistance has made it possible for both businesses and institutions to take advantage of financial incentives and energy-saving projects in pursuit of reducing utility costs, improving budget performance and minimizing the impact on taxpayers in a challenging economic environment.

  • The cost of providing this technical assistance through WRP is greatly reduced through the use of highly qualified, retired seniors on a volunteer basis.


For more information or questions, contact:

Terry Albrecht, PE, CEM
State Director
Waste Reduction Partners
828 251-7475
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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WRP Achievements

Since the start of a state partnership with Waste Reduction Partners in FY2000:

  • $137 million client savings in utility costs.

  • Utility savings and productivity improvements equate to a creation of 2,200 jobs.

  • 2,806 clients served statewide.

  • 5.66 trillion Btu savings.

  • 1.48 billion gallons of water saved.

  • 267,201 tons of waste diverted from landfills.

  • Improved business economic competitiveness.

  • Improved governmental operating efficiencies.

  • 52-76 percent of consulting recommendations are implemented.

  • Engages brainpower of retired baby boomers - 40 retired engineers and scientists across the state.

  • 276,075 hours of technical assistance delivered to NC communities.