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New Conditions

Recycling markets for ag plastics are changing because of new global market conditions.  Please contact Waste Reduction Partners to determine if there is an ag plastics recycler near you who can recycle your specific materials.  Contact Jan Hardin at 828-553-3530 or email Jan at

Select Farmers Markets Offer Plastic Pot and Tray Recycling

Recycle your plant pots at Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market and Raleigh State Farmers Market.

Shake clean, no need to wash, place in the fenced area. Accepted from growers, landscapers or individuals.  Returned pots will be turned into new plant pots and create jobs in NC! 
Ag Plastics Flyer 

Global Markets Affect Ag Plastics Recycling

Reduced global demand is affecting all recyclables:-  residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural. However, ag plastics have always been low in the ranks of desired materials for recyclers because of their dirt content, and now that there are new global market pressures for better quality, things are even harder. The markets will improve, but we are not able to predict when that will happen. >  Read More 

Mulch Film Lifting Trials

With the help of a grant from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund, WRP has been evaluating farm mulch film retrieval methods that minimize dirt and vegetative debris with our partner, NC State Cooperative Extension. Best management practices and retrieval methods have been developed to reduce contamination and improve the recyclability of mulch films where markets exist. > Read More   

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Benefits of Recycling

  • Reduced disposal fees and in some cases potential additional income.

  • Diverting material from the landfill onto more productive purposes – recycling creates far more jobs in the economy than disposal.

  • Customer appreciation for marketing a green product.

  • Cleans up your yard and creates more space.

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