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Key Points for a Successful Recycling Program

 Maximize the weight on the truck 

  • Stack on pallets, stretch wrap and pack tightly.
  • Loose pots should be nested, if possible.
  • Think hard if it’s worth sorting by plastic type.

Decrease your haulage costs by using a local recycler or broker

  • Talk with the recycler first.
  • Email pictures of your material.
  • Work out how much material you have, how often and the time of year.
  • Offer to send samples.
  • Invite the recycler to come and visit your business.
  • Persevere – the markets for ag plastics are expanding.

Nurture your relationship with the recycler

  • If you do a good job preparing the material that is easiest for the recycler, then you might be able to negotiate payment for the material in some cases. It's just good business!

Once you have cleared out the backlog of material, then what?

  • Plan how to lay out the yard to collect the material for recycling.
  • Each time you touch the material you lose money!
  • When you have finished with the plastic, store it in a manner ready for the recycler. Then don't touch it again until it is loaded onto the recycler's truck.