Environment Management Systems

ISO 14001 Assistance: Environmental Management Systems

The ISO 14000 series of standards and guidelines are the most comprehensive environmental management initiatives ever undertaken by the private sector. Many environmental leaders such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota, IBM and Zerox have required suppliers to become registered to the ISO 14001 standard. Even public sectors are also pursuing the standard. In 2004, WRP assisted the City of Asheville Water Resources Department to become the first public water supplier in the state to become registered to the 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard.  Several industry sectors have the own versions of environmental management system equivlants. 

Organizations interested in joining the state's Environmental Stewardship Initiative must have or be pursuing an EMS.

Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) engineers can help facilities address the requirements of EMS implementation, annual goals, and program maintenance with a focus on identifying tangible pollution prevention strategies that will provide quick paybacks.

WRP can provide limited assistance to organizations pursuing ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in the following areas:


Input on setting annual goals and objectives

The WRP team can help identify water, energy, zero waste or pollution prevention projects for annual EMS goal setting.


Introductory Training

On-site overview presentation on ISO 14001 requirements.

Gaining Management Support

Review of benefits: marketing advantages, better regulatory relations, public image, favored status in loans, and insurance premiums.

Planning Assistance

Discussion on getting started and team organization. Provide resource tools, gap analysis, and implementation methodology. 

Aspect and Impacts Analysis

Assist team with determination of aspects and impacts and provide guidance on establishing procedures to determine "significance."


Assist with facility-wide training requirements on the company's Environmental Management System and information about ISO 14001.

Audit of EMS Documentation

Provide analysis of documentation of manual and supporting documents to evaluate conformance with ISO 14001 requirements.

Resource Materials / Networking

Direct clients to available EMS design tools, guides and manuals, case studies, training events, auditors, and sample EMS policy statements and manuals. Facilitate client networking with other companies that have implemented ISO 14001.

Initiate an Assessment



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