COVID-19 Response: Utility Management Resources



Energy Saving Strategies during COVID-19

The latest incentives and energy management resources by Duke Energy and Dominion Energy for business and institutional customers

8/12/2020 Webinar Recording 


Controlling Utility Costs during COVID-19: NC Hospitality and Tourism 

5/7/2020 Webinar Recording

Demystifing Cleaning in the Age of COVID-19

5/5/2020 Webinar Recording

Managing Energy during Facility Shutdowns

For Public Facilities

3/26/2020 Webinar Recording

Managing Energy During Curtailment and Shutdown

For NC Manufacturers

4/14/2020 Webinar Recording


Presentations and Guidance

Updated 4/23/2020 COVID-19 AHU Recommendations - Appalachian State Energy Programs

State of North Carolina Comprehensive Resource Site: COVID-19 Response

Including Executive Order 124, pertaining to Utility Provider prohibitions 

ASHRAE FAQ Guidance on Building Shutdowns and Occupant Re-entry 
AIA Re-occupancy Assessment Tool
Restoring Water Quality in Buildings with No Use - EPA Guidance



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