Lean & Green Reviews for Small Enterprises

Waste Reduction Partners is facilitating E3 services to enterprises in North Carolina with process intensive businesses or services. This project is supported with funding by the EPA.


Why Lean & Green?

Lean manufacturing principles have been employed for decades to reduce waste, but now businesses need to be green as the next step toward optimizing their processes. Today, greening your business is not just a “nice to have”-- it is a “must have” just as lean has been an absolute necessity for most businesses.


What is involved?

Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) is offering Lean & Green assessments to selected clients. Lean & Green expands the traditional definition of lean manufacturing to one that includes sustainable practices. The Lean & Green Workshop will focus on a Value Stream Map (VSM) exercise, where a process is analyzed to improve productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance. Additional assessments may be employed to identify further improvements in energy, water and waste disposal costs.


The WRP Engineering Team will be facilitating on-site Value Stream Mapping (VSM) workshops to help facilities improve productivity, efficiency, material utilization, and environmental performance. Workshops will typically involve identifying a process or value stream that needs improvement. Often these are the bottlenecks in the plant that inhibit efficient operation. By working with a multi-disciplined team comprised of engineers, consultants, suppliers, floor personnel, and plant management, the process is mapped and opportunities for improvements in efficiency and sustainability are identified. This workshop may also identify other assessments that may be necessary including energy, water, and solid waste audits.



All services are grant funded and are provided at no charge to the client.

The Program is available in 2015.

For More Information

Businesses interested in participating should contact Conrad Meyer, Technical Manager, Waste Reduction Partners,
for more information.
Phone: 919-558-2702
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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