Energy Efficiency and Energy Management Services

Energy efficiency projects are the smartest, most cost-effective way to reduce your organization's environmental impact. Waste Reduction Partners engineers have recommended more than $10.5 million annual savings in energy efficiency strategies to over 350 businesses, industries, and public facilities in North Carolina.



Strategic Energy Planning

All organizations can benefit from some form of energy management planning. WRP professionals will share their expertise in helping clients craft an energy plan appropriate for their needs.

Fact Sheets

Waste Reduction Partners has created a number of technical publications to help you pursue your utility cost-saving and environmental goals.

Financial Incentives

Waste Reduction Partners has created a number of technical publications to help you pursue your utility cost-saving and environmental goals.

Energy Surveys

Let Waste Reduction Partners help your organization identify energy efficiency opportunities and better understand and manage utility costs through an energy efficiency survey. WRP engineers provide clients with written reports highlighting project opportunities, energy-use benchmarks, cost/benefit analysis, financing strategies, and technical resources.

WRP engineers address the following energy opportunities:


Utility Bill Analysis

Examine rate structure, peak kW demand and times, load factor, total kWh cost, and metering.


Walk-through Audits

Identify obvious areas for efficiency improvements, visual inspection, questions and answers.


Process Energy Uses

Review boiler efficiency, stream traps, condensate returns, and leaks. Identify heat exchanger opportunities. Evaluate opportunities for improved pumping systems.


Lighting Improvements

Measure light levels. Conduct economic cost/benefit on lighting upgrades and group lamping. Review light quality improvement through better color rendition and color temperature selection. Discuss daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, dimming ballast, and task lighting strategies.


HVAC Operations

Suggest fuel strategies, automated controls, setback temperatures, and demand limiting techniques. Review environmental air quality indicators, water treatment, and preventative maintenance .


Motor Efficiency

Conduct MotorMaster analysis for optimum motor replacement strategies including cost benefits. Identify cog belt and VFD motor applications.


Building Envelope

Identify general insulation, fenestration, and infiltration problems. Suggest additional methods of envelope analysis and performance improvement measure.


Demand Reduction / EMS          

Suggest demand reduction strategies and energy management system (EMS) considerations.


Energy-Use Benchmarking

Assist in determining Key Performance Indicator for internal and external benchmarking. Help client understand EPA Energy Star Building analysis and applications.


Strategic Planning and Energy Policy Recommendations

Provide guidance on strategic energy planning and recommend policies and procedures on key energy consuming activities such as motor management, heating/cooling temperature setting, etc.


Financing Options

Provide information on applicable loan programs, utility rebates programs, grant and Energy Service Companies (ESCO) performance contracting.

For futher assistance with public buildings energy efficiency and performance contracting, please also contact our partner agency: Utility Savings Initiative




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USDA - REAP Audits

Waste Reduction Partners engineers can assist small businesses and farming operations to identify energy efficiency opportunities and to better understand and manage utility costs.  Read more>