Water Efficiency Surveys

Waste Reduction Partners can help large water users identify cost-effective water efficiency measures. WRP engineers follow an on-site assessment process outlined below.


Water Efficiency Assessment Process:

  • Confirm that clients have management commitment to assess and implement water efficiency measures.
  • Assemble a multidisciplinary team of assessors to conduct the water-use audit.
  • Collect background site information and records. Complete water efficiency checklist.
  • Conduct on-site water audit. Determine water balance and full cost of water use including water heating, chemical treatment, pumping, on-site pretreatment, and related labor costs.
  • Identify target areas for water efficiency measures in applicable process equipment, heating and cooling, sanitary/domestic, kitchens, outdoor/landscaping, leak repair, and other facility support activities.
  • Prepare a report that gives specific water efficiency recommendations, cost/benefit analysis, technical resources, vendor information, case studies, and educational program suggestions.
  • Follow up with clients to assure progress and address any implementation obstacles.


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Initiate an Assessment



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