Global Recycling

Recycling markets are experiencing historic lows in the values associated with their commodity pricing. This has to do with decreasing demand from overseas markets which claim that the recyclables coming from the US are too contaminated. Reduced global demand is affecting all recyclables: residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural. However, ag plastics have always been low in the ranks of desired materials for recyclers because of their dirt content, and now that there are new global market pressures for better quality, things are even harder.

The markets will improve, but we are not able to predict when that will happen.

If you have an established recycling program already, that means that your organization has worked hard to invest in recycling training, education and infrastructure in pursuing sustainability goals and resource efficiency objectives. When recycling commodity markets rebound and organizations with the vision to maintain a commitment to their recycling programs will fare better in the long run. We encourage you to continue your recycling efforts 

If you haven't begun your program yet, it may be best to wait until the market conditions change. WRP encourages you to contact us for assistance, so that we can keep you posted about the changing conditions.

When recycling opportunities do exist, be sure to follow the best practices we have developed to minimize contamination for your ag plastics and nurture your relationship with your recycler.