Greening Assessments


Waste Reduction Partners is offering a limited number of no-cost “Green Assessments” to hospitality businesses in North Carolina.  The Hospitality Greening Assessment is an on-site, technical review of a business’s utility use and environmental practices.  Participants such as lodging, restaurants, conference centers and other tourist destinations will receive a report with a cost / benefit assessment of recommendations to improve management strategies for energy, water, solid waste and recycling efforts.   These WRP technical services are supported by a grant from the US Environment Protection Agency. The assessments also can help hospitality businesses pursue recognition through the NC GreenTravel  Initiative.


Who is Eligible for a Hospitality Greening Assessment?

Any hospitality-related business is eligible for a green assessment on a first come, first served basis.  Only 25 no-cost greening assessments in North Carolina will be provided under this EPA-funded initiative.  WRP is targeting businesses that have not been constructed or significantly renovated in the past ten years. Businesses must complete a pre-assessment survey before Waste Reduction Partners staff will come on-site to conduct the review.

Who Is Waste Reduction Partners?

Waste Reduction Partners is a team of retired, volunteer and staff engineers, scientists and architects who share their expertise with clients to reduce utility costs and improve environmental performance. WRP is administered by the Land-of-Sky Regional Council and Triangle J Council of Governments and works in special partnership with the NC Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach.  WRP engineers have assisted 1,700 organizations in achieving $40.1 million in utility cost savings since 2000.

Why Participate?

Many hospitality businesses are seeking smart approaches to save money, conserve resources, be green and create a marketing distinction as a “green destination.”   These Hospitality Greening Assessments are unique in combining energy and water-use audits, solid waste recycling guidance, and other sustainability recommendations into one technical assessment.  Businesses can use these assessments to meet the requirements of the NC Green Travel Recognition Initiative or other green business certification programs.

Learn More or Request an Assessment

To learn if your business can benefit from a Hospitality Greening Assessment, contact Russ Jordan with Waste Reduction Partners at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 828 251-7477.



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