Kimberly Van Niekerk, Manager Energy Program

Kimberly Van Niekerk, Manager Energy Program

20 years,

We wish to extend a warm welcome to Kimberly Van Niekerk as WRP’s new Energy Program Manager.

Kim has a strong energy and international background working in program and project management with Power Africa/USAID in South Africa and the Energy and Environment Partnership.  She has managed hundreds of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across multiple countries.   Most recently, Kim has been working as a senior energy and environment consultant for Green Power Technologies in Virginia and NC on innovative renewable energy development projects. 

Russ will be transitioning his role with Kim over the next couple of weeks.  Ms. Van Niekerk lives in Asheville and will be working half-time from the Land of Sky Regional Council’s offices.  More information to follow for our energy team members.

Please help me welcome Kim to Waste Reduction Partners!

MA, International Relations, Johns Hopkins SAIS; BSc, Environmental Management, UNISA School of Agriculture and Natural Resources; BA, International Relations, Brown University (London School of Economics, 1 yr).