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This includes Parking Stops, Traffic Cones, Traffic Barricades, Delineators, etc.

Purchasing information:

  • The above-mentioned products are all included in the EPA CPG’s Transportation Products list, with recommendations for recycled content percentage levels.
  • Parking stops can be made with rubber, plastic, or concrete that contains recovered materials.
  • Traffic cones can be made with recycled plastic or rubber.
  • Traffic barricades can be made with recycled plastic, steel or fiberglass.
  • Delineators and channelizers can be made with recycled plastic, rubber or steel.

Key specifications:

  • The product shall meet or exceed the federal CPG guidelines for post-consumer recycled content.
  • The Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices contains specifications for the size, shape, mounting and placement of temporary traffic control devices.

Resources for additional information:

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This toolkit was developed with support from the EPA Sustainable Materials Management Program.

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